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Preschool Transportation

AM and PM Transportation

Buckeye Local Schools provides transportation to and from preschool provided your child attends the session the corresponds with their transportation zone. When making the decision of which session to attend, please take into account which zone you live in and which zone your child will receive transportation (daycare, grandparent, babysitter, etc). Buckeye Transportation is only provided within the district boundaries.

AM Session is the southeastern corner of the Buckeye School District. In order to receive transportation students who live in the area south of Wolff Road and East of Columbia Road.

PM Session is the remainder of the district.

Parents may choose their session, but will not receive transportation both ways. For example,

  • You live in the PM zone but would prefer the AM session. Then your child would be eligible to receive transportation to school, but he/she would need to be picked up at midday.
  • You live in the AM zone but would prefer the PM session. Then your child would have to be driven to school, but he/she would be eligible for transportation home

Preschool Specific Transportation Information

  • Preschoolers sit in the front seats, unless the student has siblings riding and, if parent requested, the students can sit together.
  • When the bus is returning home there needs to be an adult present to get the student off the bus. If, for some reason, the adult is not there, then we would bring the child back to school.
  • Please have your address visible to the drivers.
  • Students need to arrive at the stop 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time. You will be notified of times prior to the start of school.  The first few weeks of school the bus may be early/late. 
  • Your pick up and drop off address can be different but pick up has to stay the same and drop off has to stay the same. We can't have 2 days home and 2 days to daycare.
  • Changes in transportation will be communicated through phone call, text, and/or email.

For more information about Buckeye Transportation, please see the Transportation Department Page 

Parent Transport

Preschool students can be picked up or dropped off by their parent or guardian. Please follow the procedure below:

AM Preschool Students

Dropped off in the large visitor parking lot by the sidewalk. Then picked up by the sidewalk in the loop by the building in the staff parking lot.

PM Preschool Students

Dropped off by the sidewalk in the loop by the building in the staff parking lot. Then picked up in the large visitor lot by the sidewalk.