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Final Forms

All registration for Buckeye Local Schools is done through the online program Final Form. In order to be enrolled families must complete all sections and upload the required registration documents. More information about this process can be found here:

Registering a New Student

Only students who are coming through preschool screening or being evaluated should complete the registration process. If you have moved into the district or missed preschool screening, please contact Tracy Taylor at (330)722-8257 ext. 1005 or to be added to our waitlist.

Health Forms

There are several health forms that the preschool is required to have. In Final Forms you are asked to sign off that you understand that these form are required by the first day of school. These forms do not need to uploaded for preschool screening.

Registering for Evaluation Purposes

Families who have met with the preschool staff and the decision has been made to move forward with an evaluation, please complete the registration within 5 days. This will allow the staff to complete the evaluation in a timely manner.